Kto rządzi(ł) światem – dr Edward Spencer

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W nagraniu są polskie napisy. Aby je widzieć, proszę je u siebie włączyć.
  • przez kogo Żydzi zostali wybrani
  • kim są Homo Capensis
  • dlaczego u władzy są psychopaci
  • co się dzieje ze zaginionymi dziećmi
  • jakie negatywne efekty przynosi obrzezanie

Linki dotyczące tematu:
Elongated Skull – Długa czaszka
Elongated Skulls Of Paracas
DNA Analysis of Paracas Elongated Skulls Released
Homo Capensis
Procesy o mord rytualny.pdf
Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History.pdf

Film wspomniany w min. 37:48 UN UNCED Earth Summit 1992 by George Hunt

Dokumenty przysłane przez dr Edwarda Spencera:
David Cole 1 2 3 4.pdf
Sykes v2 ICE SHEET, O.O. Ref, Maps Moses Kill Field DNA.pdf

Link do części 2: Karen Hudes and Homo Capensis (napisy PL) 2/2

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  • Jola

    A skąd wiadomo ile jest tych capensi? I jak to się stało, że taka garstka zawładnęła tylu masońskimi kapo? Co im dają? Dlaczego ejszcze ich nie odsunął na dalszy plan?

  • Ardy See


    https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=v4X-ikOjop4
    Fake Jews going to War Against the Masons, Buckle up Folks! [37m00s]
    Sherry Shriner | Oct 10, 2017
    Transcript excerpt:
    And this whole Deep State thing is the Freemasons trying to survive and hang on. The fake Ashkenazi Jews who have been in the background all along pulling the strings are going to take them out. The Freemasons thought they would be in charge when Satan came; that is why they worked so hard in building the New World Order. And the Ashkenazis are led by Rothschild because he is a Jew, Hitler was a Jew. Hitler wanted to build the Aryan Race, which was the Tall Whites [E.T. aliens] and nothing to do with humans. It was the Tall White Angelic Alienoid Race. They call them Humanoids, the Nordics. They used to be the Pleiadeans, those Tall Whites. That’s what Hitler wanted to prepare the world for, an Aryan Nation to put these Tall Whites in. Hitler called them Aryans. The Aryan Nation had nothing to do with the Nazi Flag. It had everything to do with these Humanoid, seven-foot “Tall White” aliens. The Aryan Brotherhood and the Great White Brotherhood are one and the same. Their organizations, one on the West Coast in California and one on the East Coast with headquarters in Indiana that Mike Pence is involved with. They work both sides. They are very friendly with the Kabbalist Jews, but they [Kabbalist Jews] are the Freemasons. The Kabbalist Jews have been funding everything in the background and pulling the strings through the Rothschilds. And the Rothschilds have been doing the same thing with the Masons. He [Rothschild] funds everything, because he is Satan’s money man on Earth. That’s why he is untouchable. He works for Satan. All that money he has is Satan’s money. He gets a little pittance. There is nobody who outranks Rothschild. The Pope and the Queen can stumble over themselves, but ultimately it is Satan’s money man who he goes to directly, before he goes to the Pope or the Queen. He [Satan] lives at the Vatican, the city underneath it. The Pope parties with him. They sacrifice kids together. Zionism is not religious; it is all political. Zionism is the New World Order and Israel, and that is about the Kabbala, the Satanic Talmudic Jews ruling the world.

    https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=fSU8f1040No
    Jewish Woman Talks About Ritual Killings on Oprah [4 :18]
    TheOnlineTV | Aug 17, 2017
    Every secret organization that uses witchcraft or secret conspiracies to influence people shall not be tolerated, because the Masonic institutions are dangerous in a free government, hostile to political equality, and subversive to the impartial administration of justice. We must distinguish good from evil and question the media. We must then punish politicians’ complicity with masonic lodges. Citizens should organize themselves because we have the moral responsibility to prevent the immoral acts committed by the masons/witches and we must create and support mechanisms to punish these evil perpetrators.

    https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=2xt8ujsDmSw
    *~~All in the Family: The Family Orsini~~* [31m58s]
    Fearless One | Apr 2, 2017
    [16 :25 – 16 :41] He had been born in 1572… As a member of the Orsini family, he was a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece, as is every other Orsini we have mentioned. … Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet
    [30 :20 – 31 :12] We will also find in the Orsini Family today, the Gray Pope. The Gray Pope is always, always, always of the elite Papal Blood. The White Pope and Black Pope are just (unclear – doms?) Popes Francis and Adolfo Nicholas [the current Black Pope] are just (unclear – nipping?). Their blood has no value. … And the one who controls them, their Master is Pepe Orsini [photo at 30 :51], the Gray Pope of the Jesuits, and the most powerful man in the world, backed by the elite Papal Families, of course. Henry Brakespear in Macau, China, is next in line for succession. Pepe Orsini is also known as Orso and also by his family’s ancient name, Maximus.

    https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=g7ymfsNi4tk
    Orsini Family Pepe Orsini Big man [15 :01]
    A friend | Jul 24, 2017
    From a webpage called The millennium report. names Pepi Orsini as the big man. grey pope that sits between the black and white pope.
    The Orsini Family: The MXIMUX Clan | The Millennium Report | August 17, 2016
    [01 :57] The most powerful man right now in the conspiracy over this world is a Roman by the name of Pepe Orsini of the powerful Roman Papal Bloodline the Orsini also known as Orso and the ancient Maximus family. There is no one more powerful than this figure who is really the Grey Pope. The Papal Bloodlines are the secret shadow hierarchy of the Jesuit Order even behind the Black Pope touted as #1.
    [3 :34] The “Illuminati” is only one of the six current heads that make up “the Beast” and there is a head to that Beast… a woman who rides that Beast, the evil Queen Hephzibah (the matriarch who is said to be the reincarnation of Semaramis). You will never read any article about her. She is a Nephilim hybrid, a great Granddaughter of Lucifer himself, and she is the Mother of the Anti-Christ, and the queen, the Pindar and others are all afraid of her. … The real people in charge, you have never heard of them.
    Innana > Isis > Diana.
    Marduk > Ra Marduk > Amen Ra > Ra.
    The Real Names for the most part are known only to Them, a very select group.
    [10 :49] The D.C. United States Corporation. A corporation under International Maritime Admiralty Law (Uniform Commercial Code) based upon Vatican Canon Law and perfected by the Roman Empire.
    [11 :39] This is the true World’s power system right now. Adolfo Nicholas [the current Black Pope Superior Jesuit General, and the President of the World] serves as a military General protecting the Zoroatherianism and Mithraism mystery schools. The Jesuits were created by the Papal Bloodline Farnese during the reign of Farnese Pope Paul III.
    [13 :39] The Spanish control the Vatican through the Jesuits. For the past 500 years, the Spanish Inquisition has controlled the Vatican by means of the Jesuits. All the Jesuits answer to their General in Rome.

    https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=A36mxKHC2xY
    Dr. Robert Duncan Exposes Dangerous AI [17 :14]
    Political Avenger | Jul 10, 2017
    AI technology is used to mimic the rituals of occult cults who practice blood sacrifices to call up demons, entities and energies in initiates, members and mediums is what can be called simulated “schizophrenia” in the spirit sense of spirits possessing and occupying a person’s body and speaking out loud while the occult witches control the possessing spirit. The constantly attacked individual who may be possessed is battling against the spirits on three fronts: (1) spiritual and physical demons and the fallen attacking you as they have since the beginning of time, (2) spiritual and new advanced AI technology, and (3) the deep, hidden military/industry experimenting on you using frequency waves with electronics, which technology anybody can access to implant hive mind thoughts to targeted individuals, groups or masses of people. A person who has direct, continuous communication with god is protected more than other persons. Islam, the Catholic Church and voodoo have their dark, occult, witches’ side, and the Jews have their Kabbala side. The Luciferians are running things, and the new, advanced technology is occult and Satanic. This is dangerous to humanity. This is why you cannot take any type of mircrochip implant inserted in your body, or you will not have any free will any more. Schizophrenia is a side effect of being chip-implanted and uploaded with other memories.
    Search online for “Dr. Robert Duncan hive mind” for AI technology.

    https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=DFrJF-noN7A
    David Cole in Auschwitz full documentary 1992 [59m45s]
    Sleepwalk No More | May 5, 2016
    David Cole [a Jewish youth] visited Auschwitz, investigated and produced fact-based documentary about the alleged 6 million Jews.
    Open-minded, unbiased, critical-thinking skills and logical reasoning based on evidence and guided by discernment, intuition and kindness.

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  • Gyan

    Jak się słyszy głosy w głowie to w 90% przypadków będzie opętanie. Wtedy trzeba iść do egzorcysty. Może to też być nerwica natręctw, lub w gorszym razie schizofrenia.
    Może też jak podpadniemy jakiemuś wrednemu wywiadowi ktoś nas przyatakuje bronią radioniczną ale w przypadku 99,99% ludzi to nie ma miejsca. Jesteśmy za mało ważni.

    Z drugiej strony wg znajomych jasnowidzów podczas ostatnich wyborów samorządowych użyto broni radionicznej do wsparcia kandydata PO przeciw PiSowi więc akceptuję że da się też i ktos chce wpływać na duże grupy ludzi.

  • zoratona

    Nadchodzi kolejna fala składania wniosków o nowy dowód osobisty (po 10 latach). W obecnych DO wiele osób posiada zeskanowany swój nieczytelny podpis.
    Jednak w obecnych wnioskach o wydanie nowego DO każdy musi podpisać się tylko czytelnie, nie można nawet złożyć obok swojego nieczytelnego podpisu.
    Aby było ciekawiej, to należy zauważyć, że w nowych DO w ogóle nie ma miejsca na żaden podpis.
    Co się zatem dzieje? Jesteśmy już zwykłymi numerami? Brak miejsca na jakąkolwiek indywidualność? Już jesteśmy biorobotami?

  • Dawid

    kiedyś (o ile mnie pamięć nie myli) widziałem taką strukturę władzy: twórcy archontów nazywani czarownikami z krainy Oz -> archonci -> Saturn -> Reptilianie + Szarzy i inne negatywne rasy -> ziemska i półziemska elita 🙂 a jak jest naprawdę i jaka jest tego rzeczywista rozpiętość to już cholera wie

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